General Information

Hasan Polatkan Airport has 2 aprons including east apron 130x90 m (asphalt) in size and west apron 240x120 m (concrete) in size with the purpose of serving passenger traffic, 1 apron 130x55 m (concrete) in size to serve the general aviation activities. General aviation apron is used as parking apron for training aircraft and other general aviation aircraft.


Runway Distance  3000 meter
Runway Width  45 meter
Runway Orientation  09 / 27
Runway Pavement  Concrete
Distance to City Center  5 Km
Coordinates 394845N - 0303114E
Aerodrome altitude 2599 ft


There is CAT-I ILS for navigation facilities.

Other services provided at our airport where flight services are carried out with prior permission are presented as folows:

  • Health care service (during the operation)
  • AIS service
  • 24 hours meteorology service,
  • Air traffic service
  • Fuel service (in consultation with the relevant company),
  • 24 hours security service
  • Rescue and firefighting service
  • Apron management service
  • Catering services